Nurse call systems

For rapid help and peace of mind

A nurse call system allows patients in hospital or residents in a care home to alert staff if they require assistance. 

The reasons for needing assistance can range from a simple request for medication, to requiring urgent pain relief, to something more time critical or life-threatening. Nurse call systems are an important lifeline for vulnerable people, and are an essential system to have in place if your commercial business is an establishment that provides such care.

Call points are locations where users can access the nurse call system and call for help. They are usually situated in accessible and well-frequented areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms. When the call point is activated a signal immediately alerts staff, such as doctors, nurses or care assistants, who will then be able to respond to the request for assistance.

There are a number of different types of nurse call systems available, each offering different features and options. They can range from basic systems that will simply notify staff that assistance is required at a specific location, to more sophisticated systems such as those with a high quality two-way speech feature that will allow the user to speak directly to staff, or with complete event recording facilities for managers.

Nurse call systems can be easily installed with minimal disruption to the building users, both staff and residents alike, whilst also being very simple to use. They can promote greater independence, provide much needed reassurance, and above all else, reduce the risk of a serious problem being found too late.

What we do

Even with such a varied choice of nurse call systems available, choosing the right system for your premises need not be a complicated decision. Highlander has the experience to guide you through the process, from the initial building assessment, to deciding on which system is best for you, right through to installation and maintenance.

Highlander can advise you on the main types of nurse call systems available, which include:

Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance


  • A basic hard-wired system
  • Cost-effective
  • Allows residents to summon help from various rooms
  • Suitable for more general use
  • Typically used in smaller buildings, such as care homes
  • Call points can use buttons or pull cords
  • Will only alert that assistance is required
  • Does not keep record of any activity
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance


  • A flexible hard-wired system
  • Offers more advanced information when activated
  • Can provide the reason why help is required
  • Can inform that urgent emergency assistance is needed
  • Can record and log events via a computer
  • Allows improved management record keeping
  • Provides additional peace of mind for clients
  • Best for new build nursing homes and dementia units
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance


  • Can use a conventional or addressable type system
  • No cabling is required, removing cable set up costs
  • More visually attractive than cabled option
  • Gives the same effectiveness once installed and activated
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Minimum disruption to staff and residents
  • Best choice for existing buildings
  • May require more ongoing maintenance
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance

Why choose us?

Highlander’s experienced team will work in consultation with you every step of the way. We will initially carry out a free, no obligation site survey to better understand the specific requirements of your clients and business, before advising you on the most appropriate nurse call system solution.

Regular maintenance of a nurse call system after installation is crucial to the ongoing reliability of the system, preventing faults before they can occur and keeping everyone as safe as possible. Highlander can offer scheduled nurse call system maintenance with minimum disruption so you and your staff can focus on the important day-to-day work without needing to worry about system issues.

Highlander provides a proven nurse call system solution so you can meet your commercial building health and safety requirements.