Planned preventative maintenance

Keep commercial systems functioning

All of the various systems installed in your commercial property need to be regularly maintained to ensure that they continually deliver the same exceptional level of service and remain in a safe working order, to continue to provide assurance and security for your employees, business equipment and commercial property, whilst adhering to any legal requirements.

A correctly installed system should always operate efficiently, and having a planned preventative maintenance service (PPM) in place means that upkeeping tasks are scheduled ahead of time, to take place on a regular basis – even while the system is still functioning normally. The aim is to prevent problems before they occur, improving the reliability of your equipment, maintaining safety and decreasing equipment downtime. Planned preventative maintenance will also allow for better accuracy in budgeting for any repairs or part replacement works that may be required.

Planned preventative maintenance schedules, including testing, inspecting and servicing, can be any frequency, whether that be weekly, monthly, fortnightly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually, and will depend on what is specifically required by each individual system.

What we do

Highlander can offer both preventative system maintenance as well as a 24/7 call out service, so whether you have had your system installed by us or you are looking to change your current service, we can help. Our planned preventative maintenance services for commercial facilities cover:

Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance

PAT testing

Portable electrical appliances in the workplace need to be in good working order to meet UK health and safety guidelines. Highlander offers a regular and comprehensive PAT testing service, carried out by fully trained and experienced PAT testing experts.
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance

EICR test

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) is an in-depth inspection of a property’s electrical systems and installation status. Highlander will help ensure you meet any legal responsibilities in keeping employees and customers safe by carrying out regular EICR checks on the condition of the electrics in your commercial property.
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance

Emergency lighting

An emergency lighting system allows safe evacuation of a building should the main lights ever fail, for example during a fire or power cut. It is a crucial safety system to have installed in a commercial building, and Highlander’s regular testing and maintenance service will ensure it is always working properly and meets current legal requirements.
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance

Nurse call systems

A nurse call system allows patients in hospital or residents in a care home to alert staff if they require assistance. These essential systems provide an important lifeline, and regular maintenance is key to consistently high safety standards. Highlander’s experienced team offer scheduled nurse call system maintenance with minimum disruption.
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance

Why choose us?

Highlander offer a range of planned preventative maintenance packages that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. A maintenance support package not only ensures you have access to immediate support in the event of a system malfunction, but it will also help with record keeping compliance requirements and avoid costly emergency call out costs.

With Highlander’s professionally installed, high quality and industry compliant technologies, combined with our experienced planned preventative maintenance service, you will be able to rely on your commercial systems to always be operating effectively.