Fire extinguishers

Stop a small fire from spreading out of control

Even with all of the advanced technology available when it comes to choosing a fire detection system, a simple fire extinguisher is still essential when it comes to proofing your commercial building against a fire emergency. They can help quickly control small outbreaks of fire, preventing flames from spreading and causing more substantial damage. Fire extinguishers can also save lives by helping to keep evacuation routes clear in a more extreme emergency.

Because fire extinguishers are likely to be used to control small fires before they spread, it is vital that they can be accessed as quickly as possible. Where fire is concerned, every second counts, so commercial fire extinguishers need to be installed properly and maintained regularly.

What we do

Highlander’s team of fire installation experts are on hand to provide advice and assistance as to the correct fire extinguisher for your business needs, ensuring that you, your employees, and your commercial property remain safe and compliant with all relevant fire legislation. We can also advise on the correct fire extinguishers to use around the home.

Highlander supply, install and maintain a wide range of fire extinguishers which are suitable for various fire types. 

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Types of fire extinguisher

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Fire safety in your home

Having easily accessible fire extinguishers positioned around the home will give peace of mind and help protect loved ones should a fire occur, enabling quick control of a small fire before it gets out of hand. There are lots of potential areas for fire to accidently occur in the home: ovens and hobs; distracted teenagers cooking; overheating electrical devices; or the occasional faulty phone or tablet charger. Not to mention the garage, which is usually home to lots of flammable materials, power tools and petrol vehicles. With so many types of extinguisher to choose from, it’s important to understand the usage of each, and as well as being experts on commercial fire extinguishers, Highlander can also advise on the best options available for the residential customer.

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Why choose us?

Highlander offer a complete service when it comes to choosing fire extinguishers for your commercial or residential property. We can advise, supply and install your fire extinguishers at a competitive price, whilst addressing the specific fire risks of your premises and ensuring you meet your legal obligations.

We can also provide a regular maintenance service, to ensure your fire extinguishers remain in good working order so that they will function correctly should they ever be needed, and always remain compliant to the latest safety standards.