Residential access control

Keep intruders out and your home secure

Having a residential access control system professionally installed will simply allow you to monitor people who turn up at your home, usually via intercom or cameras, and restrict entry into the grounds or building to only those you choose. This will help keep you and your family safe and secure from uninvited callers, any time of day.

Electronic access control is a convenient method of securing all types of home, and ranges from a door entry system for a block of flats to a gated entry system for a larger home.

As well as general improved security and peace of mind for all, access control systems can be especially good for situations where the person at home is particularly vulnerable, such as the elderly or those in assisted living buildings, as well as people living alone, or for older children who have been left unattended for a short while.

More and more homeowners are now choosing to add this extra level of security to their property because it is a proven deterrent to crime and a cost effective security solution.

What we do

Highlander’s experienced team will guide you through the residential access control system installation process from beginning to end.

We can design, install and maintain a wide range of options to meet any specific requirements and budgets, for homes of all sizes and types.

Highlander will give expert advice on the different choices of access control systems that are available for your home, which include:

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Door entry systems

Using up-to-date technology, the door entry system has a connection from an outside point of entry to the protected internal door. The system uses an intercom which will be answered by a user who is inside, and they can communicate with the caller via intercom. If they know who it is and want to let them in, they can release the outer door lock via the push of a button. If not, they can leave the door locked and refuse entry. 

This type of residential access control is particularly well suited to flats, apartments or assisted living homes that have multiple addresses in the same building, to prevent uninvited visitors from entering.

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Automated gates

Controlling access to your larger property and surrounding private land is something that can be easily achieved using an automated gate system.

Gate intercoms, combined with built in cameras, will let you see your visitor, view their identification and communicate with them fully before allowing access, giving you full control over who enters your private property.

Existing gates will need to be surveyed to ensure they are suitable for automation, or a new gate quote can be provided based on your exact design and budget requirements.

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Why choose us?

Highlander engineers have the training and experience needed to install a market leading access control system to your home.

Whether you want a brand new system fully installed or need to upgrade your existing one, Highlander delivers fully compliant, cost effective and easy to use access control solutions that will give you the home protection you’re looking for.