System maintenance

Regularly maintain systems to safe standards

Ensuring that your fire alarm system is in working order if ever it is needed is crucial to the ongoing safety of your staff and the protection of your business, as well as a legal requirement. Fire alarm and fire detection systems must be serviced by a competent person every six months to comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. In many types of commercial premises, such as care homes, the residents are often particularly vulnerable and so it is essential to have a frequent system maintenance schedule in place. 

What we do

Highlander is experienced in helping businesses such as care homes comply with current legislation around fire installation safety, including the requirements of regular system maintenance. 

Highlander will provide a fire alarm maintenance service that will:

  • Live test every alarm and detector on site
  • Test the fire alarm control panel
  • Check the system's electrical wiring
  • Provide an audio and visual test
  • Check both manual and automated systems
  • Meet your legal obligations
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance

Why choose us?

Highlander offer a comprehensive fire alarm maintenance package. This includes a full service by one our experienced fire alarm engineers, a 24/7 emergency callout service (to assist with any system faults you may experience), and a certificate of compliance on completion.

Our qualified maintenance engineers are experienced with all types of fire panels so you can be confident that when we have carried out our routine inspection, your system will all be in safe working order.