Access control

Keep your commercial premises secure

Access control systems enable you to restrict and monitor the flow of people coming in and out of your commercial buildings, keeping your employees and business safe and secure from uninvited callers.

With a professionally installed electronic access control system, you will be able to safely oversee all visitors to your premises as well as log their arrival and departure times.

Many access control systems can also offer additional functional features such as being able to restrict access to specific areas of your building during set time periods, for example to prevent access at night or over a weekend.

Electronic access control is a convenient and cost effective method of securing your commercial building and assets efficiently, and is regularly used by many schools, care homes, hospitals and offices as standard practice.

What we do

Highlander has the experience to guide you through the vast choice of access control systems available.

We can design, install and maintain a wide range of options to meet your specific requirements, for both small or large premises.

Highlander can advise you on the different types of commercial access control systems that are available, including:

Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance


  • Simple design and installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Controls the entrances of a building
  • Valid code entry or fob required to access
  • Programming equipment located near to the entrance
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance

Door entry

  • Allows entry to the premises to visitors
  • An entry panel is placed externally to the building entrance
  • Visitors dial a call button which alerts those in the building
  • Communication via microphones inside and outside
  • Additional camera and video options for extra security
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance


  • Sophisticated access system can be operated using one or more computer
  • Can be monitored and managed from a central location
  • Data can be downloaded to each individual entrance as required
  • Allows for system usage reports
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance


  • Utilises modern facial recognition technology
  • Provides a no-contact and reliable method of site entry
  • Fast and hygienic – no need to touch any surfaces or enter any numbers into keypads
  • Highly secure; no lost key fobs or misplaced entry codes.
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance

Why choose us?

Highlander will initially carry out a professional site survey, and based on the results of this we will discuss how to meet your requirements, such as which areas you wish to restrict and allow access to.

Our engineers will install all devices required for the chosen access control system. Full training will be given on how to add and remove users from the system, as well as how to use any reporting tools on a networked system.

Whether you need to upgrade your existing access control systems or increase the level of security or accessibility of your premises, Highlander delivers market leading, fully compliant and cost effective access control solutions.