Fire alarm installations

Detect fire fast with the right system

When your commercial premises has its fire risk assessment undertaken by one of our fully qualified and highly experienced fire risk assessors, the type of fire detection system needed will be recommended. Without a good system in place, the cost of potentially invalidated insurance, extensive equipment damage and even loss of life far outweighs any costs involved in having a reliable fire alarm system in place, and is ultimately one of the most important safety features you can have installed in a commercial building.

What we do

With such a vast choice of commercial fire alarm systems available, choosing the right system for your business can be a complicated decision. Highlander has the experience to guide you through the process, from the initial fire assessment, to deciding on a fire system, right through to installation.

Highlander will advise you on a commercial fire safety system that will:

  • Reliably detect fire signals
  • Save lives with early evacuation
  • Minimise equipment and property damage
  • Meet your legal obligations
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Types of alarms

  • Basic system
  • Predominantly for safe evacuation
  • Has alarm points, smoke detectors and a control panel
  • Gives general idea of where fire is, but not exact location
  • Complex installation
  • Best suited to a small office with simple floor plan
  • Budget friendly
  • Uses radio frequencies to control detectors
  • No cables to install
  • All points in contact with main control panel
  • Signal strength safeguarded by multiple frequencies
  • Simple installation
  • Best suited to buildings with complex layout
  • Can help preserve building aesthetics
  • Higher cost
  • Can pinpoint which alarm or detector was activated
  • Saves valuable time not spent searching for the fire
  • Improves evacuation safety
  • Less risk of false alarms
  • Easy to add additional devices
  • Best used in large buildings

Why choose us?

Highlander provides a proven solution so you can meet your commercial building fire safety requirements. We can provide pre-installation surveys and fully tailored systems, all whilst helping ensure business continuity. Our experienced team of designers, engineers and installers will ensure that you are protected and compliant with current fire safety regulations with a solution that is designed and integrated to suit the specific needs of your commercial business.