PAT testing

Essential electrical appliance safety checks

Ensuring that portable electrical appliances in the workplace are in good working order is essential under UK health and safety guidelines. Portable appliance testing, more commonly known as a PAT test, is a routine inspection to check they are safe to use, especially high risk items, with the aim of preventing electrical accidents.

Some appliances only need a more basic test, called a PAT insulation test, and not all electrical items need to be PAT tested at all. A fully trained individual who undertakes PAT testing will know which choice of test is relevant for all appliance types. 

Tested appliances that have passed the PAT test should display a sticker showing the inspection date, inspector’s signature and the next test due date.

As well as commercial businesses, PAT testing can also be required by self employed individuals and landlords to make sure that their portable electrical appliances are safe and suitable for the intended use. Damage and fault can occur with all electrical equipment at some point so it is essential that these items are tested regularly for the ongoing safety of the users.

What we do

Highlander is experienced in helping businesses of all sizes comply with current health and safety guidelines around PAT testing. 

One of our competent specialists will provide a PAT testing service that will:

  • Provide an in-depth operational and safety check
  • Use specialist PAT testing equipment
  • Check earth continuity, lead polarity, and insulation resistance
  • Mark each appliance as passed or failed
  • Provide a record of the results
  • Explain why any appliances have failed
  • Meet PAT testing guidelines
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Why choose us?

Highlander’s fully trained PAT testing experts are experienced with all types of portable electrical appliance so you can be confident that when we have carried out our tests, your workplace appliances will all be in safe working order and your business will comply with all current UK health and safety guidelines.

We can also arrange a free survey of your commercial premises before sending you a quote if your business is large.

Highlander’s cost effective PAT testing service is fully comprehensive so you can continue running your business without cause for interruption.