Fire alarm monitoring

Out-of-hours fire detection for your business

The advanced technology used in monitored fire alarms means that even when your premises are unoccupied out-of-hours, the alarm will still get raised so the fire authorities can respond sooner. This vital time saving could make all of the difference to your commercial property and business equipment, by preventing widespread fire damage.

What we do

Highlander install monitored fire alarms that are connected to a dedicated and professional alarm receiving centre, so that if the alarm is triggered, they are able to then contact the emergency services and any named key holders immediately.

Highlander will advise you on a fire alarm monitoring system that will:

  • Reliably detect fire signals
  • Be professionally monitored 24/7
  • Notify emergency services immediately
  • Potentially reduce insurance premiums
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance

Why choose us?

At Highlander, we supply and install Redcare Advanced Extra systems which use some of the latest developed technology for monitored fire alarm signalling. As well as this, we use trusted monitoring stations, and, with our many years of experience we can also offer fast repairs should the monitoring detect any faults with the system. We can also help you comply with specific business insurance terms.