CCTV systems

Watch over your home even when you're out

Home and family protection is a priority for all of us, and a residential CCTV (closed-circuit television) system can help achieve just that. No one wants to be the target of burglary or vandalism, so keep an eye on your home 24/7 with smart CCTV solutions that can have many user-friendly features such as remote app control and high definition cameras producing exceptional picture quality.

Otherwise commonly known as video surveillance, CCTV systems can have a profound effect on crime prevention, detection and prosecution and is a cost effective solution to achieving exceptional home security, whether that is in a busy urban city or an isolated rural area.

What we do

Highlander has the experience to guide you through the choices of residential CCTV systems available for your home.

All you need to do is decide on your specific requirements such as why you want a CCTV system, what you want covered, and what your budget is – Highlander’s team of security installation experts will do the rest.

Highlander can advise you on residential CCTV systems that have features such as:

Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance

Ultra high definition (HD) analog systems

  • Uses the latest cutting-edge technology
  • Provides exceptional picture clarity
  • Easy to monitor potential criminal activity
  • Helps to improve identification and conviction rates
Highlander | Building Security and Maintenance

IP (internet protocol) systems

  • Broadcasts video over an IP network as a digital stream
  • Uses the internet to receive and store images
  • Picture quality drastically improved
  • Motion detection and camera tampering features available
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Night time capability

  • Infrared lighting feature
  • Infrared feature is invisible to the human eye
  • Enables visibility at night time when it is dark
  • Can even provide colour images in extremely lowlight conditions
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Remote viewing

  • Uses a dedicated app feature for remote viewing
  • 24/7 easy camera access for peace of mind
  • Allows the user to view and record live footage
  • User can search through recorded videos and take image snapshots
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Why choose us?

Highlander is an approved SSAIB security installer which means we are authorised and have the relevant industry accreditations required for full CCTV system installations.

Highlander will guide customers all the way through the process of having a CCTV system installed in their home, from the initial home site survey and design stage, right the way through to installation and maintenance.

We can also advise on the importance of privacy obligations under GDPR, and all other applicable laws regarding CCTV and video surveillance.